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I know you’ve seen it! It’s a custom hair care system…………… and it’s pretty cool.

So, everyone is different. Everyone’s hair has different properties. You fill out the hair profile, and it allows you to pick what you want your system to address.

My current blend is:

  1. volumize
  2. curl definition
  3. oil control
  4. strengthen
  5. lengthen
  6. Lavender

This is my second round with this brand. The first round would have gotten a different review from me. It was okay, but nothing above and beyond. This time, however, I love it. Love love love it.

My first set was slightly different:

  1. volumize
  2. curl definition
  3. oil control
  4. strengthen
  5. color protection
  6. Eucalyptus

So you can see the only thing I changed was the color protection because I’m letting my hair grow out and go back to it’s natural color for a hair donation. This change however has made a huge difference in the health of my hair. My hair is less frizzy, the waves and curls pop more (my hair is 1/3 straight, 1/3 wave and 1/3 curl) and it just overall feels better.

You also have the option of adding on a custom serum, leave in treatment or hair mask. I have the leave in treatment from my first round still in use, and I bought the hair mask this time which is a once a week thing.

So if I’m quite honest, I’ve lost my insert that comes along with it. I tried to keep it but it didn’t work. I have no clue where it went. When I find it I will update with some more details…

A few simple likes and dislikes:

  1. I prefer the eucalyptus to the lavender.. I love the smell of lavender, but I shower in the morning. Didn’t think about that when I changed it. Eucalyptus when used in aromatherapy provides stress relief. It’s a crisp scent that is very refreshing. Lavender has calming properties and is better for night time relaxing.
  2. The slight change from color protection to lengthen seemed to make a world of difference for my hair. Sometimes this is what you need to do if you don’t like a hair care product. Just change one detail. That one or two ingredients may be what makes or breaks how much you like your product.
  3. I love that it comes with stickers and you can decorate your bottles.
  4. I wish the natural fragrance selection was larger. Lavender and Eucalyptus are currently the only two available. There’s so many beautiful natural fragrances… I’d probably go nuts if they ever used Ylang-ylang. Even if I didn’t need a new set, I’d buy it just so I wouldn’t miss out on the fragrance option.
  5. You have the option of making your custom hair care system silicone free.
  6. It’s available in two sizes. 8 ounce and 16 ounce.
  7. It’s a little on the pricey side. The 8 oz set runs $39, the 16 oz set runs $49, and the add ons run $19 each which is all pretty typical pricing for a “custom” product. Customized products don’t run cheap.

If you’re able, I recommend giving this product a try. Start with the 8 ounce if you’re unsure and if you’re not happy you won’t feel like it was as much of a loss. Now that being said, the 8 oz set actually lasted me about 3 months (keeping in mind I currently have short hair and it was shorter when I used my first round). If you have long hair, obviously it won’t last you that long because you require more product but you can also extend the time your product lasts if you don’t wash your hair everyday. I do. I know some people might cringe at that, but I have very oily hair and no, it doesn’t get less oily if I don’t wash everyday. I’ve tried. And personally, I can’t stand dry shampoo.


I found this product to be worth it.

3 week update on my new formula

I’m growing out my hair for another donation and my hair stylist said my hair looks amazing. She said it’s super healthy and I can easily go another 6 months without needing a trim. No dead ends AT ALL after 4 months of not seeing my stylist (3 of those months being quarantine). My color is also fading out nicely and my roots don’t look terrible (when you donate your hair it can’t be color treated so you have to let that grow out as well). Now you’re probably thinking “well, you obviously just let it air dry every day”… ER.. wrong. I blow dry my hair at least 5 days a week, and I never sleep on it wet. One thing that I don’t ever do is flat iron, or use a curling iron.

So I’m super happy with my new formula, though I haven’t decided if I will try a new brand or not when it’s finished. We’ll see!

Extended Update

I found after extended use that my hair actually started to go downhill and I had to switch up brands. I do, however, still use my leave in and I do love that enough that I plan on buying another one.

I switched to Aveda, which was ok but not what everyone hyped it up to be and I’m currently using Viori.

Polymer clay: Brand Pros and Cons

I like to get to the point as quickly as possible, so this is not a terribly detailed post. It’s basic information to help you make a decision.


So there’s a few different polymer clay brands that are common. I’m sure there is more but I’m going to touch on the 4 main ones that are easily accessible.

Premo! Sculpey, Cernit, Fimo and Kato Polyclay.

I’m a lover of Premo! and Cernit but I have some Fimo and Kato so I can show you the differences.

Fimo, Kato PolyClay and Cernit probably shouldn’t be purchased on Amazon. The pricing is all over the board and way too high. If you can find a multi-pack, cool. But I find that buying those clays from an art retailer is best.

Okay let’s go!


  • Premo!
    • Pro: Soft but not super soft. This clay has good pliability, and holds details well.
    • Pro: The manufacturer specifies more clear baking instructions. This makes it easier to prevent burning, and saves you from having to google it.
    • Pro: Available at major art stores
    • Con: Because it’s softer than the other 3, you need a softer touch when manipulating it.
    • Bake time: 275F for 30 minutes per 1/4 inch (6mm) of thickness
    • Price: $2.79 on average for a 57g package
  • Sculpey III
    • Pro: Softest clay, most pliable
    • Pro: Really great for those who want to work with clay and have hand and joint issues.
    • Pro: Available at major art stores.
    • Con: Fingerprints are really visible.
    • Con: Doesn’t do well with thin details (becomes flimsy)
    • Bake time: 275F for 30 minutes per 1/4 (6mm) inch thickness
    • Price: $2.79 on average for a 57g package


  • Pro: Clay hardens pretty fast when it’s just resting. This is good if you want to preserve details before baking.
  • Pro: Available at major art stores.
  • Con: Harder than Premo!
  • Con: Hurts your hands at first
  • Bake time: 230F for 30 minutes (thickness not specified)
  • Price: $3.49 for a 57g package

Kato PolyClay

  • Pro: Clay hardens pretty fast. Again, good if you want to preserve details before baking.
  • Pro: Color saturation is great. Blends well.
  • Con: I haven’t seen this clay in any art store near where I live.. doesn’t mean they’re not carried, my locale just doesn’t have it.
  • Con: Harder than Fimo (at least it feels like it to me, though they’re pretty close)
  • Con: Also hurts your hands for a bit when you first start working with it
  • Bake time: 300F for 10-30 minutes (thickness not specified) <– I don’t like this. 10 to 30 minutes is too broad in my opinion. Burnt clay stinks and it’s not an ideal situation to end up in. It can ruin your final product.
  • Price: $2.79 for a 56g package


  • Pro: Great for natural textures and colors.
  • Pro: Holds details really well
  • Con: Also haven’t seen this clay available in art stores around where I live.
  • Con: Has a tendency to crumble before it becomes soft enough to mold.
  • Con: Much harder to work with than the other 3 brands.
  • Con: Can be really hard on your joints. I don’t recommend this brand if you have arthritis or other joint issues. Or at least use a clay softener.
  • Bake time: 230-265F for 30 minutes (thickness not specified) <– I find that baking it at the same temp and time as Premo! works really well.
  • Price: $4.19 for a 56g package

I made a simple rose with each clay so you can see them side by side.

Cernit, Kato, Fimo, Premo!


They all appear the same visually. The Premo! and the Fimo were the easiest to work with. The Kato and Cernit required more work to make the clay pliable to the point I could mold it, even this simply. Now… all of that being said… if you want really stable detail before baking, my recommendation so far would be the Kato.

I’m going to continue to work with these clays and see if my opinions change. I only used them briefly in the past so this will have more intent. I will update this if I need to. but for now, I hope this helped!

I’d love to hear your opinions on which clay you prefer and why!

CAUSEBOX : Summer Quarter

I have an annual subscription to Causebox <— you can find it at that link, right there.

Causebox is a quarterly or annual subscription box that treats it’s subscribers to a collection of ethical items that come from some place with a purpose. I started my subscription………………………… probably…… I dunno…… about a year and a half ago? I paid for a few quarterly boxes, then opted into the annual subscription. It’s more money up front, but it’s less money in the long run and if you’re anything like me and KNOW your spending habits, it’s actually a very nice way to treat yourself to something every season and stop spending on miscellaneous things. So, to simplify, I save money by knowing that I’m getting something, so I don’t buy something else. Make sense?

I’m usually pretty happy with my causeboxes. Usually. Last summer I was not happy with a couple of the products, It’s petty but I’ll explain why:

  1. One of the non choice products was hair scrunchies. I am 34… not 12. I have no desire to revert back to age 12, or be retro. I also have short hair. By short I mean the front is up to my jawline and angled shorter towards the back, so $20 hair scrunchies… No thanks.
  2. One of the non choice products was a bag for wet swimsuits. Great idea! But not all of us can go to the beach, or get to go swimming during the summer. I don’t get to take a vacation in the summer, and I have no swimming pool. Nor do I have any time to visit a YMCA etc. This box was all about living your best beach life, and almost a little insensitive to those who don’t have summer life luxuries.

One of the products in the box I have to share with you. I LOVED the face cleanser. Love love loved. Hanalei powder face cleanser. <— That’s the Amazon link. Speaking of Amazon, if you don’t already know about Amazon Smile, here is your wake up call! In your browser to go and log in as usual. You’ll then have the option of choosing a charity! Every purchase you make through amazon smile (okay not every single one but it will tell you if the item is eligible for a donation), Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase to the charity you’ve chosen. Awesome right? I know people hate Bezos and all of that, but this is a good cause and as much as you may hate him, let’s face it… You most likely use Amazon. Anyway! The face cleanser! Yeah, amazing. It doesn’t strip your face… my face was clearer… yeah. Recommended. Little on the pricey side for a face wash but worth it in my opinion.

Okay! When I receive my Causebox for the Summer you’ll find it right below this little tidbit of text! It’s scheduled to ship in mid to late June. I’m excited! Let’s make time go faster.

June 23rd – Still waiting on my Summer Box… I can’t help but feel like the company keeps biting off more than they can chew. Each quarter, instead of making sure their annual, and already subscribed members get their boxes in a timely fashion, they sell out, and introduce new boxes to bring in more people, and then everyone is left waiting for ages to get what they paid for. They also open a quarterly add on market that usually takes weeks upon weeks to ship. It wasn’t so bad about a year ago when I signed up, but it gets worse each quarter. My marketplace order has shipped (hooray!) and summer boxes are supposed to ship mid/late June. So we’ll see. They have 5 business days left.

July 16th – I received my causebox about 2 weeks ago. I was going to post photos, but the reed diffuser shattered in the box and covered EVERYTHING in oil. I do have photos of the damage BUT the company did right and sent me an entirely new box which I just received today. Nothing was broken and everything was in fine condition, however, I’m not keeping the box. I don’t need or want duplicates of it’s contents so I’ll be gifting the box to a coworker.

Items in the original box that were not damaged inside their packaging are shown below less the PMD Clean and silicone lids.

  1. A set of 3 ceramic nesting bowls
  2. grace & stella face serum
  3. Dr. Rogers RESTORE “healing balm”
  4. Savhera essential oil roll-ons.
  5. PMD Clean in Navy.

Also in the box were reusable silicone lids which were exposed to the oil of the reed diffuser. They have been washed in the dishwasher but I’m not convinced they’re usable. They seem to have absorbed the smell but we’ll see. I’ll try again.

  1. The ceramic Pepper+Vetiver nesting bowls – These are beautiful and feel like a nice quality. They are made in China… how that sits with everyone is different and that’s okay. I’m on the fence about it myself. On one hand you want to support someone, on the other hand, China made products sort of scream mass produced crap. These so far seem to be a good quality. The small one is the perfect size for an ice cream bowl. This item also supports the Malala Fund which is an organization that helps girls receive education.
  2. The grace & stella serum – I’ll keep trying it, but my skin broke out pretty badly after the first use. I’ll update this if I see improvements. This is not uncommon for me so I’m not denying the effectiveness of the product just yet. My skin is finicky so we’ll see how this goes over time.
  3. Dr. Rogers RESTORE – “healing balm”… Ok…. So… I’m super iffy on the healing portion of this. This balm contains 3 ingredients. Castor oil, Glycerin and Hydrogenated castor oil. It feels like Aquaphor, doesn’t absorb into the skin and also has no scent or flavor (which I actually like). I’m inclined to say it doesn’t heal, but rather adds a protective layer to the area allowing it to heal on it’s own. I put it on a lip wound overnight… and it did nothing. All it did was stop me from biting at it.
  4. Savhera roll-ons – These are just lovely. Very worth purchasing on their own, and the company has an awesome cause. They provide dignified employment to survivors of sexual exploitation.
  5. The PMD Clean. I love this. That’s really all I can say.. It feels great and is worth the money. The silicone also means there is no replacing brush heads and it’s waterproof. I put my cleanser on the PMD, and I just massage it in. When I want to use a face serum, I do the same thing and just wash it off when I’m done. I can’t say it cleans pores. I have huge pores and I don’t actually notice a difference. I also can’t say that my skin looks any better because it’s behind a mask 9+ hours a day and is requiring extra care to keep it happy. I don’t always succeed and nothing can make that any better. Break outs happen for some of us regardless of the effort we put in. BUT… the PMD leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. That is good enough for me.

I feel like I’m not finished here but I’m losing focus and need a glass of water. I think I’ll call it for now. I hope this helps those of you who are interested, and those of you who aren’t interested, thanks for reading until the end. You’re a trooper!

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